Friday, April 30, 2010

What to do when VULCANIC ASH strands your visiting children? Go to Castle Glatt.

       Glatt Castle amidst a facelift.             
From 1533 to 1547 the castle was owned by Reinhard von Neuneck. It is one of the earliest Renaissance castles in Germany. It changed ownership various times after that until the Prince of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen came to own it. The castle is now a museum.
Schloss Glatt
72172 Sulz am Neckar-Glatt
If you contact them ahead of time, they will arrange a tour for you in English.

The vulcano erupting in Iceland did created havoc, but for those travelers stranded with parents, it wasn't so bad. We had been meaning to go back to Castle Glatt because we knew the kids would enjoy it. There is something here for old and young alike.

We bought drinks at the mini-golf place by the castle and had a picnic.

We played in the park. Here is Jonah "pretend rowing" his boat while his Mom sings the song.

Checking out the paintings in the gallery part of the museum.

My daughter's family, clowning around as usual. Just look at little Jonah's face.

Jonah was quite interested in the knight on horseback.

This is the ceiling of the chapel. Look at what the water relections from the moat did to it. It looks like a mirror but it isn't.

After we toured the castle, we had to go back to the romantic tearoom.  You can sit in a posh area....

or you can go more gothic.   In the end, we chose the posh area.

They have a wonderful variety of teas and cakes.

My son-in-law had a wonderful mandaran orange cake.

For our British friends, Mac tried the Gooseberry cake.

Little Jonah had icecream.

Jonah had a lovely day and we did too.

Mac gives Castle Glatt two thumbs up.  It is a great day out with mini-golf, playground and a little culture in the castle.

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