Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Road Trip from Garmisch-Partenkirchen and the Viehscheid Fest

We left Garmisch-Partenkirchen and headed east on 187. We were headed to Oberstaufen
area where ten years previously, Mac and I had encountered a wonderful fest in September called Viehscheid. It is a celebration of the "cows coming home." All the cows go up into the high meadows in the mountains during the summer and come home in a quaint celebration. Owners don their lederhosen, dirndles and decorate their cows.  They bring them back down into the villages adorned with flowered headdresses and parade them through the streets.  Children of all ages enjoy this fest. This is not to be missed if you are seeking "cultural" experiences in Germany.

The Viehscheid fests dates in the Upper Allgäu for this year in case you are interested.

•September 10, 2010 Oberstaufen

•September 11, 2010 Schöllang, Bad Hindelang

•September 13, 2010 Oberstdorf

•September 15, 2010 Kranzegg

•September 17, 2010 Gunzesried, Balderschwang, Thalkirchdorf

•September 18, 2010 Obermaiselstein, Wertach, Immenstadt

This is the Tiroler Zugspitz golf course.  The club house has a very interesting sod roof.

Imagine golfing with this as your backround!
Tiroler Zugspitz Golf
Am Rettensee 1
6632 Ehrwald, Austria
43 (0) 5673 22366

My son-in-law jumping for joy!  He loves to golf.

We went through the beautiful village of Lemoos and we all agreed that we would love to come back and stay here someday.
We took the 199 through the Gaichtpass and stopped at the lovely Haldensee.
The son-in-law loved this too.
See he's jumping for joy AGAIN.
Here we are in Oberjoch just a short distance up the road and look at the snow.
The son-in-law looks like he wants to jump again!

We stopped in Bad Hindelang to take this picture. Amazing scenery on our road trip.

Mac gave our trip a thumbs up. Tomorrow we'll talk about Oberstaufen.

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