Wednesday, April 28, 2010

German Wine Route

Here are the kids at the Wine Door (Weintor) at the beginning of the German wine route.
This is one of the first places our landlords took us to visit when we first lived here 14 years ago. They wanted us to understand that we (at that time) lived in a wine-growing region, what it means to their economy and what it means to a German who lives in this area.

Weinstraße 4
76889 Schweigen-Rechtenbach
06342 92278-0

The German Wine Route is a scenic route which runs through Germany's second-largest wine-growing region. It starts in the south at the Wine Door in Schweigen-Rechtenbach and runs 85 kilometers to  Bockenheim.  Many tourists choose to bike this in the summer, stopping along the way for wine-tastings and overnights in hotels along the way.
The vineyards stretch out as far as the eye can see.

Here I will make an important cultural observation for my Evangelical Christian friends from America.
Many American evangelicals have been taught that drinking wine is a sin, or if you aren't taught it is a sin, you are taught to avoid the appearance of evil.  It would be very important for you to know that in Europe most evangelicals do indeed partake of wine and are not only surprised but, stunned when an American makes a judgement about them, "they can't be Christians because they drink."
It is important to realize that "cultural" differences in societies can even extend into issues about abstinence from alcohol.
Whatever your belief is on this subject, please bear this in mind when visiting Europe.

Even if you don't partake of the wine-tastings on the way, this is a beautiful route to bike.

Mac gives the German Wine Route a thumbs up!

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