Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hotel Restaurant Adler/Oberstaufen

Hotel Restaurant Adler
Kirchplatz 6
87534 Oberstaufen
Telephone: 0 83 86 93 21-0

When we arrived in Oberstaufen we headed for the Fussgängerzone.  These pedestrian zones are usually in the oldest part of the city, where you can walk around without worry of traffic. We have happened upon the nicest restaurants by watching to see where the locals are congregating and finding the Hotel Restaurant Adler was no exception. The staff was friendly, spoke excellent English and were very good with children. Not to mention, the restaurant was clean and quaint.

Adler means "eagle" in German, as you may guess by the sign.

Jonah is ready for his lunch.
We decided to check out the specialities. Mac and I always look to see if they have local dishes on the menu. We love to try specialities of the area when we visit new places.

I had the Bärlauchknödel which is a wild garlic knödel.  They served it with a large salad. I was especially pleased with my choice. The sauce was yummy and the knödel very tasty.

Our daughter and Mac had the Spinatspätzle ( Spinach Spätzle)
They said it was delicious. 

Our son-in-law tried the Maultaschen filled with meat in a lovely sauce. This dish is a Swabian specialty. I had a taste and it was excellent. Maultaschen are similar to ravioli, with the major difference being that they are much larger, usually 3 to 6 inches across.  They are filled with a variety of things such as ground meats, spinach or sometimes onions.
I have heard a funny story about Maultaschen.  Apparently, on Good Friday when Catholics aren't supposed to eat meat, sometimes the Swabians eat Maultaschen.  Since the meat is concealed under the pasta supposedly, God cannot see the meat.
 Because of this, they have earned the Swabian nickname Herrgottsbscheißerle.  That means Little cheaters on God.  I am just sure they all really know God CAN see the meat! 

We ordered one dessert with 5 spoons. We found the Germknödel in this restaurant stuffed with cherry filling instead of the usual plum filling.  It was DELISH!
The prices were also very good. Lunch for four with french fries and one dessert was just under 50 euros.

Mac gave this lunch two thumbs up.  Remember to open yourself up and try new things in life, like specialites of the area you are visiting.  Life is too short not to reach out and just TRY new things.
Tomorrow we blog about Lake Constance also known as the Bodensee.

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  1. Thank you for the post. As an aficionado of germknoedl, I was indeed wondering if there are some good ones in Oberstaufen, as we will be there all of next week. The other dishes also sounds great, as we are vegetarians, so it all suits us.