Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A la Vignette Restaurant/Wissembourg, France

A la Vignette Restaurant
17 Marché aux Poissons, 67160 Wissembourg, France
Telephone: +33 3 88 94 17 64
                     We have tried many of the little restaurants in Wissembourg but, we had not previously tried
  A la Vignette.
Charming and  French rustic on the inside.

Notice the ever present wine glass!  Well, it is France people.

I took this picture so you can see for yourself that the menu is in French, German and English.
Like I have said before, we always head to the specialities of the area page on our menus.

I ordered Escargot (snails)  Now, before readers flee from this page at the horror of of it all, let's look at this situation through a child's eyes.

Little Jonah was quite amused at his Mimi's antics with the snails.
I hope he doesn't go home to Great Britain and try to eat them out of the garden!
Yes, I can see it all now, "My granny eats snails and so do I."
I finally got my daughter to try one and she said, "It's a bit chewy, but not bad."

Mac had the Choucroute Garnie.  They say it means "dressed" sauerkraut. Now, I know what you are thinking...."Isn't sauerkraut a German dish?"  Yes, technically, but  remember I told you that control of the  Alsace region was passed back and forth between Germany and France through the years.  The story goes that the annexation of Alsace and Lorraine in 1648 brought this dish to the attention of French chefs and that's why you will find it on the menu. Sometimes sausages are also placed with sauerkraut, potato and ham, but not at this particular restaurant. Mac said his Choucroute Garne was tasty.

My son-in-law had the Cuisse de Canard Confite Sur Choux which is a fancy French way to say
Leg of Duck with sauerkraut.
                  He usually doesn't care for sauerkraut but really liked the restaurant's version.

My daughter had the pasta.
Very nice.

The restaurant has an inner courtyard with tables set up to eat at  as well.
It was a cute place with plenty of character.

No visit to Wissembourg would be complete without a visit to RUBERT pâtisserie.
You just can't miss trying this place if you come to Wissembourg.  We were in a hurry as our little Jonah was tired but, we wouldn't pass up getting an eclair here. When our girls were younger they loved visiting here for eclairs.
It was time to introduce our son-in-law to Daniel Rubert's shop.

7 Marché aux Choux,
67160 Wissembourg
       telephone+33 3 88 94 01 66

It's more expensive to have the eclair in the shop and we were in a bit of a hurry. It is a very BUSY place and you pay for the ambiance.  We got them to go.
Beautifully wrapped aren't they?

Don't they look yummy?  I can assure you, they are! Rebert's eclairs have a coffee filling, a chocolate filling or a vanilla filling. Choose your favorite.  Don't let me sell you on these though.  You  need to go inside to see all the splendid choices  for yourself.  You won't be sorry, I promise.

Mac gives A la Vignette a thumbs up.  It was good, home-cooked fare. We thought it might be the type of food we'd get served if we got invited to a French Alsacian's kitchen.

The ECLAIRS at Repert's get a three thumbs up.
From Mac and the rest of us!


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