Saturday, April 24, 2010

Triberg/Cafe zur Lilie/Black Forest Cake

 After seeing the Hornberg clock, we thought some cake and coffee wouldn't go amiss. We had heard there was a fabulous place to have Black Forest Cake located near the waterfall in Triberg,

Cafe Restaurant zur Lilie

Wallfahrtsstrasse 3
D-78098 Triberg
49 (0) 7722 4419

It is a very large cafe and we headed to the older part of it to soak up the charm.
The new part is lovely as well, but we enjoy the ambiance found in the older rooms. If you don't enjoy that, head for the new part in the back of the building.

Old world charm!

We were fascinated by the carvings on these old chairs.

Enough about the chairs, we came for the cake.

Here is where some travelers make a mistake in choosing a Black Forest Cake.
A proper cake has kirschewasser (cherry water) poured over it which, sounds benign. I can assure you it isn't. It is a non-sweet cherry scnapps that packs a kick.
Most Americans will not find this suitable.
The cake from this restaurant is from a very old recipe the waitress tells us.
We ordered one Black Forest Cake mit (with) kirschewasser
and one cake ohne (without) kirschewasser. All four of us agreed that the one without tasted best to us.

Cafe zur Lilie is located very near the base of the Triberg Waterfalls.
These falls are 163 metres high (534 feet).  Mac and I agreed it wasn't a nice enough day to explore the wandering paths up to the falls with little Jonah as he is only 2, but we agreed we'd come back and hike the route so we can blog about it another time.

Mac gives  Zur Lilie and the cake a thumbs up.
Tomorrow I will post a recipe for Black Forest Cake so you can enjoy it at home.

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