Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter IS on it's way!

Easter is on it's way! My heart and my mind have wandered back to Easter bonnets, Easter baskets, Easter Sundays and Easter dinners when the girls were still at home. Giggles at when they were small at their sweet attempts at making the best Easter bonnet in the class. Sunny smiles when they saw their Easter baskets. Innocent wonder on Easter Sunday when they first realized that Christ rose from the dead. A proud Mother and Father when each of the girls asked if we should invite some lonely people with no families of their own to our Easter dinners.  Such lovely memories wrapped around my heart.
Friends who still have your kids at home, embrace and continue to make memories that you can treasure years from now.

Here's a little treat that you can make with your kids or grandkids.  I made them for the big kids at Mac's office. Did you ever wonder why Easter bunnies are so hard to find?
It's because all the little "cotton tails" disappear down their bunny holes.
Cute and fun to make. Use your imagination and create away. The bunny bottoms are crushed oreo cookies and the feet and tails are marshmallows.
Those of you who need more direction. E-mail me!

Mac just called from work and says post the three thumbs up....the office LOVES their Easter treat.


  1. Those were the best cupcakes EVER! Thank you so much for sharing them.


  2. So glad you enjoyed them Sandra!