Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A bit of German Culture.

Another amazing day here in Germany. The skies are bright blue and the air is still and hot. Perhaps we have now gotten the lovely weather New England was having last week.
We decided to go on a walk to the local bakery to buy some bread rolls for our "pulled pork" sandwiches.
Notice the bedding hanging out of the window (das Fenster in German).
Germans are very health conscious and you will find bedding hanging out windows on beautiful days to "air" out. I don't think the younger Germans do it as much as the older ones do these days but it's still a tradition that we remember well from our first stay in Germany. 
Look at the fun bus stop.  Often churches, boy and girl scout troops or various clubs will decorate a bus stop in a village. This one was done by one of the local church groups. Cute huh?

This is our bakery run by the Sehne family.  It says in German, " Sehne your family baker."
Germans go nearly every day to get their fresh bread, bread rolls or a bit of cake.

Sadly, you cannot see the plate very well, but here is my wonderful son-in-law with his pulled pork sandwich. He says to tell you it was "super".

Mac still gives the kids being here a thumbs up but,

he gives it two thumbs down because he has to work today.
Nevermind Mac, tomorrow we go to Bavaria and see Neuswanstein Castle with the kids.

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