Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bavaria! The adventure begins.

Fairytale castles, amazing scenery, scrumptious food and a lucky find in the hotel category is what awaits my readers in our next week of blogs. I have so much to show you and I can hardly wait to get started.
Mac went to work Friday morning and when he got home, we were off to Bavaria.
Jonah is ready.

Jaxson is ready.

We chose not to eat lunch and go for our coffee and cake option in Schwangau at 3 pm.

The son-in-law had the cherry cake.

The daughter had the strawberry cake.

I had the apple strudel in vanilla sauce.

Mac tried the Germknödel which is a speciality in Austria and Bavaria. It is a  yeast dough dumpling. They fill the dumpling with spicy plum jam and  top it with a sprinkle of poppy seeds and powdered sugar.  We like it  best with vanilla cream sauce. This is a sweet type of dumpling, but not terribly sweet.
We have often had dampfnudeln in the Pfalz. They say the main difference between germknödel and  dampfnudel, is that the germknodel  is either steamed or boiled and the dampfnudel is cooked in a deep pan. When I learned to make dampfnudeln, I don't remember that we stuffed them with jam.  It was a plain yeast dumpling served in vanilla sauce.

I must admit I was shocked to find out that the American resort on Chiemsee had closed years ago and was turned back over to the German government. We had always stayed there previously so we could see Castle Herrenchiemsee, before we went on to see the other three castles of King Ludwig II. 
"Well, nevermind," I thought. "We'll just go straight to Schwangau and I am sure I will find something on the Internet that will be suitable for accomodation."

This is our hotel.  It's called the Schlossrestaurant Neuschwanstein.
Neuschwansteinstrasse 17, Schwangau
Phone +49(0) 8362 81 110

This is our view from outside the hotel. As you can see, we are situated at the base of the castle.
This hotel is actually the restaurant you pass as you walk up to the castle. Many people are unaware that if they stay here, they can drive up the restricted road and park 50 meters from Neuschwanstein. When you arrive, they give you a sign for your windshield (windscreen for my British friends) so you can drive up without police interference.
Not only that, but the price was right.  We paid 75 Euro for each of our rooms. All the other hotels were twice as much as this little gem of a find.
We  have some very special guests giving us their opinion today.
My son-in-law and little Jonah give it a thumbs up!
Tomorrow I will show you the hotel accomodation where we ate a fabulous dinner!

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