Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Why you MUST go to Baden-Baden in the Black Forest's me again!  I am back to tell you what not to miss when you visit
Baden-Baden in the Black Forest.

Let's start with the casino.
Marlene Dietrich said of this casino, "For me it is the most beautiful casino in the world and I should know, because I've been to them all."
It has a bit of White House look to it, don't you think?

Some might think that if you don't gamble it's not worth going.
BUT, there is a guided tour 9:30 to 11:30 am (April-October)
It's worth it going to see the hall of 1,000 candles.
The author Dostoyevsky once gambled his fortune away in these walls.
Sad, but if he hadn't, I suspect we wouldn't have his book THE GAMBLER.
The tour is the way you can safely tour the rooms and not gamble your fortune away.

Mac and I have heard tell of the amazing casino restaurant and have planned a trip back to eat here.

I went to Friedrichsbad many years ago for a spa treatment with a friend.
I came out feeling like a million bucks. The rich and famous have been pampered here for some 120 years.
Don't take it from me though.....

(Entrance to Friedrichsbad)
Mark Twain, described his experience at Friedrichsbad in a letter to a friend: “Here at the Friedrichsbad you lose track of time within 10 minutes and track of the world within 20.”
Heads up...dress code is nude. Europeans don't have the problem with it that we Americans do.
Guess ol' Mark Twain was a progressive sort all those years ago......

Next time we visit Mac and I plan on going here
the Caracalla Spa.

Here 12 hot springs are yours to enjoy.
There is an outdoor area with marble pools and indoors you will find a rock grotto with hot and cold water, steam baths and a saltwater inhalation room, not mention the PAMPERING TREATMENTS
and the massages.

Next up, take a tour of the 2000 year old bath ruins, which are one of Germany's oldest and best kept examples of Roman baths. If you enjoy Roman things like Mac and I do, you'll enjoy this tour.

Take a trip up the Merkur Mountain and use the Merkur Funicular Railway to get to the top.
 Here you are rewarded by wonderful views.
Oh no, the blog has gotten too long again and I haven't even shown you the
best place for the German tradition of coffee and cake in the afternoon.

  Mac gives Baden-Baden two thumbs up and says to tell you,
"Don't worry Mimi will blog on the cake and coffee tomorrow!"

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