Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Robby's Place/Club for Dogs

This blog is for all my German friends who live or work around Patch Barracks in Stuttgart.
Just outside one of the gates you'll find the
Verein fur Schutz and Begleithunde.
What is that?
BH Begleithunde is the German preliminary and prerequisite test for a dog going on to get his/her Schutzhund  titles.  It is kind of a combination of temperament and obedience test.

For most Germans over 40, many of their lives revolve around a club.
There are choir clubs, dog clubs, shooting clubs....you name it, you will find a club to go with it.
Someone recently asked Mac why our German is so good.
It's because we joined a choir years ago in Germany.
Total immersion is the way to go if you really want to learn German.
If you like dogs, people and German food, this is the place for you.
The dog you see here is named SPIKE!
This place is affectionately called "The Dog House" by Mac's office.
It's a great place for lunch or dinner.

It's owned by the nicest Croatian family you will ever meet.

Robby is your host.  He has owned this establishment for four years now.
The menus are in German and English.

Here we had a nice salad,

Mac had the Jaeger Schnitzel with spaetzle.

I had the pork chops with garlic.....ummmmm!

Robby is a real character though.......make sure you bring your coins with you!
Those of you who know the game....
Robbie has 7 coins!

Mac gives "Robby's place"
the thumbs up and says to tell you,
"Make sure that if you bring your dog, they stay on a leash,"

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