Monday, July 12, 2010

Watermelon Basket

It's too hot here in Germany at the moment.
All of you who know me well, know that I really don't like heat.
I am a girl from Maine and I like the cooler weather.
It's been so hot you don't even want to go outside for a walk.
My friend Val reminded me on Facebook the other day, that in the heat
is just the ticket!

So we are going to make a watermelon basket.
Get a non-toxic marker and mark your watermelon as shown.

Cut the watermelon with a sharp knife like so.

Spoon out the insides of the watermelon and save.

With a sharp paring knife cut triangle wedges around the melon.
You don't have to be exact.
Just have fun with it.

Fill it with fruit of your choice.
If I am serving it at a party I usually put it on a tray of ice.

In this heat, Mac gives WATER MELON
3 thumbs up!
Mac says, "It's refreshing and pretty too!"


  1. Thanks Linda! I will have to try making one of those for the reunion potluck. Love your creative ideas!!


  2. It will be beautiful Val.....glad you want to give it a try!