Thursday, July 29, 2010

Café König ( A DO NOT MISS, if you LIKE CAKE)

Mac and I continued our explorations in Baden Baden at a
Villeroy and Boch outlet.
I fell in love with their New Wave dinnerware.
Yes, it was a surprise to me too, as those of you who know me know I love OLD things, old patterns, etc.
There was something about the movement and fluidness of the collection that caught my eye.
Since they were having a sale Mac and I bought 4 cups and saucers with four spoons.
Inspired by our purchase, Mac asked the clerk where we could find the best coffee and cake in
Baden Baden.

She immediately replied,"You must not miss Café König, it is the best in town."
Lichtentaler 12
76530 Baden-Baden

You may sit on the terrace...

or eat inside as we did.  This café has been going strong for about 250 years.
The waitress came to the table and told us she would take our drink orders and that we must go out to the store front and order our cake.  She would bring it to us when the clerks in the front have it ready.

I could see the brilliance in this move when Mac and I began to ogle all that was on offer.

Homemade cookies...

Handmade chocolates...

Petit fours

Hand dipped chocolate covered cherries...

Chocolate covered orange slices....

and raspberry torte!

And those weren't even in the main cake display case!
It was hard to choose, but we finally made our choices and went back to the table.

There I found my refreshing tea "detox" drink.

My cake....not sure what was in it, but it was lovely.

Mac tried the Black Forest Cake and proclaimed it good.

So if you find yourself in Baden-Baden Mac gives this place 2 thumbs up and says to tell you
"Buy some chocolates to take home!"

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