Monday, July 5, 2010


Gutach is a village in the Black Forest. Mac and I headed out for the holiday weekend in search of new adventures for you.  I had expressed my desire to Mac to stretch myself and do something a bit different.
We decided on the Gutach Rodelbahn. 

Singersbach 4
 77793 Gutach, Germany

A rodelbahn is similar to a toboggan run and they are all over Germany.

I was a bit nervous about this, but I do love rollercoasters.

I decided to order some food at the little restaurant area.  I had Flammkuchen.  It's like a pizza with bits of bacon, onion and sour cream sauce. It sure was good.  Mac says that I was just buying time in order to steady my nerves.
Don't you hate it when you realize your spouse knows you that well?
So, I was Mac, so I was!!

I noticed children under the age of 12 were going down alone.  They stepped off with huge smiles and excited chatter.  I was ready.
Bring it on!

We paid our 2.50 Euro and
the drag lift system took us 300 yards to the top of the hill.

Whee!  Off we go!

The scenery was beautiful.

Approaching the end of the ride.....oh no.....I don't want to stop!
It's too much fun.
I have now set my sights on the Steinwasen Park Rodelbahn in the Black Forest.
It is supposedly the LONGEST one in the area.
Check it out on

Mac gives it two thumbs up!
Tomorrow we blog on the Gutach Farming Museum which takes you back to life in Germany 200 years ago.

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