Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Triberg Waterfalls and Café Schaefer

Mac and I promised we would come back in better weather to hike to the Triberg Waterfall which, is of course in Triberg, Black Forest, Germany.
These falls are world famous with nearly a half million people passing through in a year.

Of course, we managed to pick a sweltering day to hike to the falls.  It seems that we are getting the same HOT weather that New England is afflicted with at the moment.

We welcomed the shade as we

ambled through the forest glades

by the babbling Gutach River.

Our first glimpse of the falls.
How beautiful!

I always find waterfalls so inspiring.

Ahh, young love!
It never fails to bring a smile to my face to see young people lost in their own world.
Although, if they had just moved over to the edge of the bench, this "old married couple" would have loved to sit down and share the view with them.
Seriously, they were sweet and Mac and I exchanged smiles as we each privately mused over lovely moments like this from our life together.

A quick note:
if you are bringing the kiddies, there is a nice area to play.

Mac and I decided to finish our afternoon with
a piece of
from Café Schaefer.

We were anxious to try this cake because the inventor of the Black Forest Cake, Josef Keller passed the original recipe on to his apprentice, August Schaefer.  the caféThe original recipe is actually here at the cafe.  Fresh cake is made daily from this recipe by August Schaefer's son Claus, the current chef at the café.

You can find this café at
Hauptstrasse 33
78098 Schwarzwald, Germany

It is closed on Wednesdays!

Mac and I both agree, this is the BEST Black Forest Cake we have ever tasted.
Well, worth the visit.

Mac gives our day two thumbs up and says
"Go try the cake!"

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