Friday, July 2, 2010

4th of July Table Decoration

            I do love parties! Everyone who knows me knows the reason I like parties so much is because I can use my imagination to come up with some new decorating ideas.
I've come up with a great design that is also useful.

You will need
red, white and blue napkins, tape, scissors, tin foil and a firm piece of paper. I used a magazine cover.

Fold your napkin into a cone shape.

Secure it with a piece of tape.

Turn it over.  Make 4 cones of each color and place them side by side to make a circle with the narrow end of the cones touching,

Now slide your silverware into each of the cones.

Cute, but it needs something else.  I debated over a little American flag but finally settled on

making a star from the magazine cardboard and wrapping it with tin foil.  Your guests can help themselves to a cone with silverware from your 4th of July buffet table.  The beauty of this decoration is that it can work for any party and you can use most any flag colors from another country to duplicate this idea.
What about a "WORLD CUP" party?  You could use the flag colors of the country you are rooting for to make this fun and useful table decoration.

Mac gives my imagination 2 thumbs up...Thanks Mac!
This weekend we are headed out to do some bloggable activities.
Stay safe and have a great holiday weekend!

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  1. Wow, this is so amazing! I have never seen such décor anywhere. Thanks for this tutorial. Next month I am going to celebrate my birthday at one of the best LA event venues and would like to use this table decoration idea.