Friday, August 6, 2010


I've been thinking a lot about kumquats.  It was cousin Terry's meal out in Switzerland that got me thinking about them. She had them served over her chicken dish.
I realized I know next to nothing about this little fruit, so I did some research.
These fruits were native to China orginally, but they are now grown in the United States.
The name 'kum-quat' literally means "gold-orange" in Cantonese.

You eat them whole. They have a sweet outer skin and a tart inside.
I found that it is loaded with vitamins and they say this fruit is very useful if you have bronchitis, a cold, laryngitis, pharyngitis or even a sore throat.

I went to my local store here in Germany and decided it was time to give the humble kumquat a try.
I like most everything.....but I did not care for the kumquat.
Now what to do....I had bought so many.
An old saying came to mind...."When life gives you lemons....make lemonade!"
Why not I thought? Why not make kumquat tea?

I cut a few up and squeezed the them into a tea cup. I poured hot water over them and let them infuse.
Next I took one drop of vanilla and 1/2 teaspoon of honey and stirred them into the tea.
It was really fact so good that it got me thinking.  
Yes, those of you who know me understand that is a little dangerous.
 You see, I had taking up drinking green tea because it's so healthy for you but, I can't say I am wild about the taste.  I added some of the kumquat concoction to my green tea and it tasted amazing.  I was so inspired that  I made a batch of kumquat tea and turned it into iced kumquat tea for Mac to try when he gets home.

Mac gives the kumquat green tea the thumbs up and says to tell you
"Start drinking green tea for your health!"

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