Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lake Constance/Bodensee

Lake Constance.....I just love Lake Constance. We set out to visit Insul Mainau, an island in the middle of the lake. It's an amazing garden island, but fates conspired to keep Mac and me from our destination.

We had a late start to the day but the drive is only about an hour away from us.
However; road work, traffic and an accident stretched this drive out to a nightmare 3 hours and put us in Meersburg with no time to take the boat out to the island.

We decided not to let that ruin the fact we were in Meersburg. I love it here and you'll find another blog on it in my older posts.  We had always wanted to eat at the Hotel Wilder Mann.  That means "Wild Man" in German.  I suppose it's the name that captured my fancy and made me want to eat here. This 400 year old hotel is well known as a great place for food and dance among our German friends.

We found a seat on their lovely lake terrace.

We were too early for their dance but I took this for my twin sister who loves to Dance.
When the dance floor fills up inside the dancers spill out onto the terrance dance floor.
You can dance under the stars in the evenings.

The hotel even has a private garden for residents.

Mac had the carpaccio which he said was lovely.

I had the fresh fish of the day from Lake Constance. It boasted three types of fish and it had a lemon caper sauce that I will definately try to recreated. It was just delicious.

Mac and I enjoyed our lunch and the wonderful views.

We watched the ships and sailboats pass by, as well as a blimp known as a

zeppelin over here.  There is a zeppelin museum in nearby Friedrichshafen  and apparently you can take a ride in a blimp over Lake Constance. 
It's most probably a bit pricey!
 We intend to check out the museum one day as we have heard it has a recreation of the Hindenburg's cabin there that you can walk through.

Even though we didn't get to the flower island this time, we did enjoy our meal and the lovely views of Lake Constance at
Hotel Wilder Mann.
Mac gives our day the thumbs up and says to tell you, "Start early in the day if you want to make it to the island in the summer!"

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