Monday, August 30, 2010

German Weddings/How they differ from American Weddings

Mac and I have now attended two German weddings. We thought you might like to know what a few of the differences are from our culture. The most startling difference was to discover that
a minister or priest can't legally marry a couple. There is an official service performed by a justice of the peace at the town registry office. It's attended by the bride and groom's parents and a few close friends.
Some of our friends had that ceremony 2 weeks before the actually wedding and some a few days before.

The wedding ceremony in the church differs because the minister walks in ahead of the bride and groom down the aisle and the bride and groom walk behind him.
The bride and groom walk into the church together
 My German friends explained that there is no need to "give the bride away" as in our culture because technically they are legally married before the church ceremony.
The bridesmaids do not stand up with the couple in the church but are dressed
to be "the wedding party" at the reception.

In Germany, everyone you know may attended the wedding and are served champagne, champagne and orange juice or just OJ if you don't drink. I find this a lovely  tradition because often budgets hinder who can be invited to the reception. This way all your friends and acquaintances can be part of the special day.

At this wedding a German Oompah band played for the guests as they sipped their champagne.  When they finished playing they lined up and congratulated the bride and groom. The receiving line does take longer than in America but, it's wonderful that all who want to be part of your special day and see the ceremony can do just that.

This couple gave all of their wedding guests balloons and the photographer (and me) snapped away.

Then on cue they all let them go.

I did find a site that said Latex balloons are BIODEGRADABLE, so I felt better.

Now on to my favorite subject.  The car the bride arrives in and the bride and groom leave in for the reception is very important. I LOVE the idea of fresh flowers decorating the car.

The choices are amazing.

So pretty!


Or fun!

Like I say, it's all about individual taste.
If you get invited to a German wedding, go and enjoy yourselves.
We sure did!

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  1. interesting! thank you for sharing this! My friend from Harpenden will marry a german gal soon..