Monday, August 16, 2010

Birnau/St.Mary's Church/Überlingen

On the way to Meersburg you see this church from the road.  Mac and I decided to stop and have a look and it was well worth it.
The front of the church is a pink and white dream.

The church overlooks Lake Constance. A plaque in the front is a prayer in German thanking God and praising Him for the beauty of this spot.

As we entered the church, we realized that we had happened upon a tiny wedding.  We sat quietly with other tourists in the back of the church waiting for the couple to finish the nuptials.
In Germany, it's common for people who aren't invited guests to sit in the back of the church.
Often in Clausen, you would find the old grandmas who knew the family sitting in the back of the church to see the bride and groom on their happy day so it wasn't bad for us to be here.
We wish this couple Bettina and Stephan a very happy life together.

The church was built by a man named Peter Thumb between 1746 and 1750.
A fine example of Roccoco art inside.

Of note, is the famous statue of the cherub affectionately known as the
 Honigschlecker in German.
It means the honey licker in English.

This statue is dedicated to St. Bernard of Clairvaux whose words were said to be "as sweet as honey."
Many people come to the church just to see this little cherub the lady in the gift shop told us.

We didn't stay long but, the church is worth a look-see if you like Roccoco style
and Mac says to tell you that, "many Germans were taking pictures of the honey licker. It appears we happened on to a famous little cherub."

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