Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Insel Mainau/The Island of Flowers in Lake Constance

I have been wanting to make a trip back to Insel Mainau since we went with my parents about 11 years ago.
Situated in Lake Constance, it is a must see.

We took the boat from Meersburg and headed out to the island. 

 I was on a mission because the dahlias were in bloom and I LOVE dahlias.

This island is the life work of Count Lennart, the son of Prince Wilhelm of Sweden and Maria Pavlovna, Grand Duchess of Russia.  Today the fifth generation of his family manages Mainau.

The peacock made of flowers is one of my favorite sights on Mainau.

A gardener's paradise, there is truly something here for everyone.

There is a Mediterranean Terrace with amazing views.

You'll happen upon enchanting fountains

 and don't forget to visit the butterfly house.

They have fun exhibits for the children of all ages.  Here is Mac trying to figure out how they got these trees to grow upside down.  I wanted to show you so much more but the battery in my camera died.  You will just have to take it from me this place is worth a visit in any season.  Do check out their website.

Mac and Jaxson had a wonderful day.  Here they are smelling what is wafting from the tube to see if they could guess what the scent was.
I believe this one was rose.

Mac gives it two thumbs up and says to tell you, "They have fantastic playgrounds for children, but Mimi wouldn't let me on them."
Well, Mac, we didn't have any children with us...........but next time how about we bring one of the grandsons?

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