Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dinner With Our Friends/Not Your ORDINARY DINNER

 It was with great pleasure we accepted a weekend invitation with our friends Torston and Simone. Mac and I set off after work on Friday for their house. We've known them now for 13 years.

As we played with their children we asked ourselves, "Where does the time go?" because it seems only yesterday that we attended their wedding.

We admired the pond that Torsten built himself and

Mac helped fed the fish.

Simone set a beautiful table which was simple and elegant.
She used lavender from her garden, so it also smelled

Our Torsten has become quite a cook.  Our starter was steamed zander fish around a stuffing center, rolled in fresh herbs.
It was served on a bed of spicy fennel, onion and peppers. 

The  brown sauce you see is a creamy balsamico vingar.   You can buy this in most grocery stores here in Europe.

Here would be a good place to explain to you about zander.  The scientific name is Sander lucioperca and it is a game fish here in Europe.  The closest thing we have in America to it's taste is walleye. When you see it on menus here in Europe they translate it perch, but it is not what we American's know as perch.
This was an AMAZING starter.

Our main course was a roast beef done to what I consider to be perfection. It was accompanied by baked mashed potato dots and a spicy ratatouille. It was scrumptious!

Torsten paired the roast beef with a 2002 Chateau Batailley Grand Cru.
It was a great choice.

Just when you think the meal couldn't get any better, Torsten served us panacotta on a bed of raspberry sauce.
It was divine!
If Torsten ever wants to open a restaurant, I support him fully.

Mac gives our meal at Torsten and Simone's three thumbs up and says to tell you, "Tomorrow after Torsten and I go golfing, we'll teach you how to make Flammkuchen."


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