Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Day Out In Bitche, France (not a day out WITH a bitch!)

10 years ago when we lived near Ramstein, Germany, we often would take our girls and visit
Bitche, France.  Pronounced in German "Bitch".

There were endless giggles from the girls about Mom and Dad dragging them to learn about history in a place named Bitche. One of the things we enjoyed about the tour in days gone by was that they used to pipe in smells to the cidadel. For example, if you were in the bakery, you smelled fresh baking bread. You probably can imagine what you smelled in the stables!

We happened upon a "Ritter Fest" being held at the cidadel, in German that means, "A Knight's Fest",
quite by accident.
Much had changed though in the last 10 years since we'd been to Bitche.

There is now a lovely garden to walk through before you get to the cidadel.
With play areas for children

and interesting art. Click on this picture to enlarge. This one captured my imagination.
Corn for the walls, corn on the floor, corn everywhere.

Since we were hungry, we decided to see what was on offer in the big tent for food.
Here are some men who served up a fried pototo and onion with a side of applesauce.

We watched some combat.

Not quite sure what she was doing with weights on ropes but, she was very keen on it.

We marveled at some peoples ingenuity. This family had built their own little castle.

We enjoyed the music and watching where the serious attendees were eating

and what they were eating. I don't think they had plastic back then...
that's cheating a bit, don't you think?

Finally, we got ready to take the tour where you get headphones that translate into the language of your choice.
Mac and his friend Larry were grooving to their "music" before we even got inside.
What can I say....Mac has a great imagination, apparently Larry does too!

Once inside, you are taken through subterranean passages.
The piped in smells are gone now, but a movie is played with the history of the place as you go from room to room.
It's actually even better this way as history comes alive for you.
All in all, a great day out for families.  A little history and the garden area is a wonderful place for the children to play and explore.

Mac gives Bitche two thumbs up and says to tell you, "If you'd like to see some fun video of our day out, go to Facebook and go to the page Cultural and Culinary Adventures."

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