Monday, May 3, 2010

Holzgerlingen/Restaurant Alter Bahnhof

We jumped on the train with Aimee and Jason from Weil Im Schönbuch to Holzgerlingen.
We wanted to eat at the Restaurant Alter Bahnhof.
 (Old Train Station)
Bahnhofplatz 1
71088 Holzgerlingen
Telephone: 0 7031/68 27 96
  Holzgerlingen was officially recognized as a settlement by King Heinrich II in the year 1007. So in 2007 they celebrated the town's 1000th anniversary.  One of the projects for the anniversary included two 8 foot sculptures created by local artists. An owl and a raven.  I have heard two different stories regarding why they chose the owl and the raven to represent the village.
One story is that they represent the nickname for the inhabitants of the two quarters in the village.

The other story is that Holzgerlingen's crest depicts an owl and a raven, which symbolize knowledge and wisdom in ancient mythology.  Whatever the reason in 2007, 86 different local businesses, clubs, schools and social groups painted the statues of owls and ravens, which are dotted around the town.  These two are located in front of the Alter Bahnhof.
Inside the restaurant.  Plain but charming. You can imagine sitting in the old train station waiting for a train to arrive.
Nice decorative touch making an old rail cart a booth.

The food was amazing and beautifully presented.  This is a wonderful tomato soup.

This was a curry-coconut soup.  It was reminescent of Thai curry soup, but it was honestly a wonderful concoction, both Aimee and I really enjoyed.

"Surf and Turf" Maultaschen.  This dish is a Swabian specialty. Maultaschen are similar to ravioli, with the major difference being that they are much larger, usually 3 to 6 inches across.

Ginger-lemongrass Maultaschen.

I will tell you the story of  Maultaschen again in this blog. Apparently, on Good Friday when Catholics aren't supposed to eat meat, sometimes the Swabians eat Maultaschen. Since the meat is concealed under the pasta supposedly, God cannot see the meat. Because of this, they have earned the Swabian nickname Herrgottsbscheißerle. That means Little cheaters on God. I am just sure they all really know God CAN see the meat!  Both dishes were yummy.

We couldn't manage a dessert each, but one dessert and 4 forks would do nicely.
We had the apple strudel which, the waitress said was a speciality.
We tried to rate this strudel with the majority of us agreeing, it was the best strudel we had ever had.
Those of you stationed over here must come out and try this restaurant.

Mac gave the restaurant two thumbs up and so did the rest of us!

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