Monday, May 10, 2010

Annual Clausen Hawefest

We had an invitation to attend the Clausen village Hawefest.
A tradition not to be missed in this little town.
When we first lived in Clausen, our friends explained that Hawe (a clay pot) was orginally what the village was known for a century ago.  Hence, the May fest celebrating their heritage.
The Clausen Hawe Fountain.
Christopher and I had not attended Hawefest for 10 years and we were eager to see old friends.

We arrived early because we didn't want to miss the opening ceremony.

The little Clausen band plays first at the opening. Our daughter's used to play with this group.

After the band plays, the choir sings a "welcoming" song.
If you look closely, you may see Mac, as he sang with our old choir friends.

Now the "Bürgermeister" ( The  Mayor) of Clausen welcomes everyone to the annual festival.

At the end of the opening ceremony, a small keg of beer is tapped. All those who would like a free beer are welcome until it runs out.

It does very quickly.

Early on, the older folks congregate. They eat fest food, chat and listen to the kind of music they like.

As darkness sets in, the younger generation crowds in to eat their fill of food and listen to their kind of music.

Those of us who just weren't SURE where we fit in stayed a bit longer. We were sure we were too young to go home by 10 in the evening, but by midnight we were sure we could no longer have conversations because the music was so loud and not really to our taste.
In the end, we walked home eagerly, leaving a younger crowd to have fun well into the night.

Mac gives Hawefest a thumbs up even though we are getting older!

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