Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nagold in the Black Forest/ Restaurant Adler

 When you finish the "High Ropes" course at Icebergkaserne, why not take a ride into the center of Nagold?

Nagold is a city on the Eastern edge of the Black Forest. The first settlement, they feel, was about 4000 BC which was East of the modern city.  Celts settled by the river and named it "Nagold" which means "flowing water."
Nowadays, you can rent little paddle boats downtown for a river ride.
Tickets are available at the kiosk in the park.

Nagold is a beautiful village worthy of a look round.
for information on their Saturday jazz concerts.

Lovely old buildings in the city center.

Take a leisurely stroll.

They have four or five child-friendly fountains for kids to play in.
"Hmmmm... I found two big children named Mac and Jonny playing at this fountain.

This really was a fun fountain with the little mouse sat on top of the birds.

Another fountain to play in.

Jonny and Mac checking out another fountain. This one had children wading through it when we first got to Nagold.
If you bring children and intend to eat with them later, it might be prudent to bring a few changes of clothing.

We came to eat at the Hotel Post but, it was closed for a private event.
We had a drink there on the terrace, and we will most certainly come back and eat here another time.

We decided to wander around and look for another place to eat.
Jonny found a "snowboard" to clown around on.
I must say, the town has done a great job of making the pedestrian zone a place that children and parents want to linger in.

We finally decided on the Hotel Adler (Hotel Eagle) for our dinner.
Badstrasse 1
72202 Nagold
Telephone: 07452 8690 0200

Here's Jonny and Mac settling into this family owned restaurant.  It really was charming.
Prices were moderate but not cheap.

Jonny had the meat sampler plate with steak, turkey and pork.  The topped it off with crisp green beans wrapped in bacon.  Yum!

I had pan-fried pork and white asparagus with melted cheese

 Mac had the know, I think he's having too much red meat these days.

We ordered one dessert with three spoons.
Chocolate Mousse.  It was marvelous.
Jonny had a good time. He makes friends wherever he goes.

Nagold was a lovely village and the restaurant staff very friendly and eager to please.
Mac gives it two thumbs up!

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