Tuesday, May 25, 2010

High Ropes Course in Nagold,Germany

In German this is know as the HOCHSEILGARTEN.
This high ropes course is free-standing and one of the largest in Southern Germany.
After training with instructors you can go on 5 different courses from easy to extremely difficult.

This course is located Am Eisberg
72202 Nagold
Telephone: 0175 277 2298
The course is rather expensive 27 Euro
Children must be 10 years old to go. They cost 15 euro
You can buy a family pass which is discounted 15%
There is a playground for younger children and 
they also offer team-building events for groups.

The course is located on the old Eisbergkaserne. This base is closed now but, at one time was home to German Airborne paratroopers.
Drive straight to the end of the base. Park your car.  Now you have about a half-mile walk to get to the course.

One of the local farmers had just put some sheep and lambs in a pasture.  They were so sweet to watch as we made our way down to the Hochseilgarten.

One black sheep with her little black lamb in the entire pasture of white sheep.
I am feeling a strange kinship.

Mac and Jonny receiving their training.
They don't take safety lightly here.  An instructor is always present up on the course to provide advice to each climber, should you need it.

Now the instructor takes you to a LOW practice place to make sure you understand what to do.

Jonny has it mastered.

Mac and Jonny starting the course.

If you have a fear of heights they offer a special program and take extra care with you.
Luckily Mac has NO FEAR!

Jonny showing off. There's one in every crowd.

Mac loves the course.

Mac on the climbing wall.

Now just look at their faces.  These are two men that had a marvelous time at the Hochseilgarten.
"Bless their hearts!"
Mac and Jonny rate the Hochseilgarten/high ropes
3 thumbs up.


  1. Great post. This was LOADS of fun. Next time you're going with... ;)

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  3. It good that your finding ways to keep the men happy!!! When I get there, I show you how I earned my "BLACK-BELT" in Korea. {I got it in shopping}

  4. Mac will have to take me when we get there! Looks like a lot of fun.