Monday, May 17, 2010

SENSAPOLIS/ An adventure for the entire family

Melli-Beese Straße
71063 Sindelfingen
07031 20485 30

We met friends yesterday at Sensapolis. This warehouse amusement adventure is a dream come true for big kids as well as little kids.  There is something for everyone inside these walls.

There's a pirate ship for the children who long to sail the high seas.

You will find a pirate captain with

some scary surprises.

Ahoy maties!
My friend Aimee is steering the boat.

Children of all ages love to slide. The tamest slide.

If you like to slide, this place won't disappoint.

These three had just come down the dragon slide.  They loved it.

 The fairytale castle.

Jason and the giant stallion guarding the gates of the castle.

The entrance hall boasts some hilarious interactive "portraits".

Here are the children we brought with us going up the stairs in the castle entrance hall.

There are many fantasy rooms to explore in the castle.

Many photo opportunities.

See! The kids are having so much fun.

Ahh look, there's my Prince Mac on his throne!
As I said, so much to discover in the castle I can't show it all to you.

The food choices are great.  Everything from cake, chocolate fountain, ice cream and expressos.

For main courses, you can choose pizza, burgers, fries or Italian fare.

Now we are off to the really FAST, scary slides in the spaceship.
Sheer vertical drops here and on most of them you must be at least 10 years old to slide.
You should have heard the adults shrieking as they rode them down.

Look Aimee is smiling even though it was scary. She talked me into going.
Her words to me, "By the time you are really scared, it's over."  She was right!

Jason and Aimee on a last adventure with us before they move home to the states.

The big kids had as much fun as the little ones!
The blog would be too long if I showed you all the other wonderful things to do here.  There's a science area, a climbing wall and a high ropes course on the ceiling. Come and try them all.
Mac gives this day out three thumbs up.  If you are military and stationed here, or visiting the area from another country, this is a fantastically fun day out.
If you don't have children, borrow some and head over to Sensapolis. Their parents would probably love to have some time away from the kids and the children would think you are the BEST!