Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Missing the COUNTRY!

I follow a great blog by a lady in Maine. Yesterday her blog made me made me happy and sad.  Sad, because I am missing Spring in Maine and happy, because her pictures reminded me of our home near Swan Lake.
Being a rotten rainy week here in Germany has made it difficult to get out and take some good pictures for the blog, so I thought I'd present our last encounter with nature as we left Maine.

Mac and I were taking the dogs out for the last time at night when we discovered this poor little mouse seemingly stuck in our bird feeder.

I banged a pot to get his attention.  I yelled loudly.  He didn't move.  Finally, I bravely gave him a little poke with my fingertip.

Upon receiving the poke on his bottom, he quickly scampered up the feeder and sat there looking at me.  He was cute, I'll give you that.  In fact, so cute that I instantly forgave this mouse and his relatives for the damage they had done to some of my boxes in the celler.

"Now how can you kill a cheeky little mouse so full of bird food that he can't move?" I asked my husband.
Mac reminded me that I didn't have that reaction when a skunk ate two of my baby chickens and stinkbombed our dog last summer.
"But Mac, that's a different story," I claimed.
In the end, this little mouse got away with his life that night.

Mac gives nature a thumbs up.

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