Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Saturday in Switzerland

This was our breakfast buffet at "The Lion" hotel.  It was delish and I gorged myself

on the scrumptious meats, cheeses and fresh breads!

Then we set off for Zurich, Switzerland. We crossed on the ferry from Meersburg.  There was a cold and bone chilling wind, not to mention Lake Constance was quite rough. We stayed in the car for the quick 15 minute crossing.  Frank napped. I played with Jaxson and Mac did his usual gawking at everything and everybody!
We arrived in Zurich. None of us were much impressed with it.  It's big, sprawling and not particularly nice.
After we were caught up in this rather unfortunate demonstration

we decided to head for Brugg.  Brugg is where a foreign exchange student to Belfast from 1971 lives.
Frank was to meet up with Werner the next morning.  We looked for a place to stay in Brugg and only found one called the Rotehaus. (Red House) It was most unpleasant to pay more for this hotel than the "Lion" in Meersburg. The Rotehaus was little more than a hostel.  The food was not noteworthy nor was the breakfast. All very basic and we all felt we paid too much for what little we got. In addition, there was some parade outside our window at 2 am that woke us all up.

It all ended with the rather embarrassing BUTTON incident.  Mac is still quite a "boy" at heart and couldn't resist pushing the buzzer here at our table numerous times although I did ask him to cease and desist from this action. The poor waitress came in and looked quite bewildered at who had pressed the button. No one said anything because we didn't realize the button called her.  OF COURSE, Mac pressed it again and I figured out when she showed up  looking quite cross that it was HIM that was calling her with his incessant button pressing.
She did look slightly amused when Mac admitted he was just pressing it for fun not realizing what it did.
I am afraid, dear readers, that this place earns the first thumbs down from Mac.

Not wishing to leave you with the disturbing vision of a thumbs down. I am showing you the pictures of the village and area where we dropped Frank off with Werner!
Now that's more like it!  Swiss Alps!

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