Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Birthday Bash/ Restaurant Waldhorn Bebenhausen

Our good friends Aimee and Jason introduced us to this michelin star rated restaurant. It's called Restaurant Waldhorn on Schonbuchsta. 49  in Bebenhausen. They have held a star since 1985.

Their restaurant philosophy is "No indulgence is temporary-the impression it leaves behind is ever lasting." A quote from Goethe.  So here I am ready to see if that is true!

I would never have thought to do this with tulips but it looks lovely doesn't it?

This exquiste old candlebra was sitting on our table. It was quite stunning.

I have no idea what the starter was other than a clear soup and some amazing tastes.

Look at Mac's starter.....pretty huh? He says it tasted great.

Here was my main meal.  It was delish!  Frog legs served over a bed of spinach with carmalized garlic. UMMM UMMM!
This was Lobster with chili pumpkin tortellini and a small steak with asparagas.
Don't know what this was either!
Not sure what this was but it looks good!

Of course just because we were in a posh restaurant didn't stop the boys from getting up to their antics.

Look at these desserts.  This one was chocolate terrine with pear granitee

Aimee and Jason had the other dessert which was a quark sofflee and some thing to do with passion fruit.  The little spoons and forks were gingerbread cookies.  Look at the nests of spun sugar on the dessert!  Very fancy.

I had fun but mac is thinking about all the money that cost ! I can see it in his eyes.  Don't worry Mac, we don't have to go back until next year!

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