Monday, March 22, 2010

Back to Clausen for Theater Night

Here we are on the way back to Clausen on another rainy day. We thought we'd go a different way through the Black Forest. If the day had been better you would see how amazing the view was here. Our hearts were so happy as went back to Clausen this week. When we were there our choir was dying out. No one wanted to join it as "in their minds" that is what old people do. As I said we were the youngest and at that time we were in our 30's. Most other members were in their 60's and 70's.
Our choir director got the idea to call around to children of our choir members and asked if they would be interested in having a younger  version of the choir and sing songs in English as well as start a small theater group.  Everyone jumped at the chance to have a younger version of our choir and the new choir CHORIOSO was born.  It's been going strong three years now.
Our friends Torsten and Simone invited us to come see the play with them.
Torsten, Simone and their children Noah and Lea.
Mac and Noah were discussing Formula one racing cars. Very Sweet.
While Mac and the little one discussed cars Torsten showed me his "Guantanimo Bay" rabbit. Torsten has a funny sense of humor.  Every time Simone lays the bunny down on his back to look like the lounging bunny he is, Torsten comes along and turns it so it looks like the bunny is under arrest. Reminds me of something Mac would do.

We had a lovely dinner with Torsten and Simone and then off to the choir hall.
This simple building is our choir hall.  It has a practice room and a huge room with a stage.

Sorry this is so blurry.  This is the stage as we all get ready for the play to begin.

People come early and have something to drink. They mill around and talk with their friends before they go in to the theater. Germans are very social. We had fun seeing more people we hadn't seen in years.

Germans stay after and talk too.  I did say they are social people!

The play was wonderful.  It was all done in the local dialect. It was about the mayor deciding to turn Clausen into a spa town at everyone else's expense.  It was hilarious, boasting a hard of hearing grandmother who couldn't get anything right.  A post mistress who thinks she's Miss Marple and always jumps to the wrong conclusion and a romance. It had everything.  Very funny and well done.  I am so proud to see these people set up and start producing such quality productions. The theater was full for all plays so they've had 1000 people through for this production.  Impressive for a tiny village of 1,400.
Mac gives Chorioso and the new Theater Rampenlicht two thumbs up. We love you Clausen and we are so proud to think the heritage will live on through your children.

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