Monday, March 8, 2010

Friday in Meersburg, Germany

We wanted to take Frank to one of our favorite cities in Germany.  Meersburg means "Burg on the Lake", the Burg referring to the castle which, according to a tradition  was built here in 630 by the Merovingian king Dagobert I.  The Lake is called the Bodensee by the Germans but we know it as Lake Constance.

The town is home to two castles, the Old Castle and the New Castle. The Old Castle is open for visitors and features a self-guided tour.

The New Castle was built in the 18th Century as a home for the Bishop of Constance. The New Castle was used for a variety of purposes before becoming a museum

Here's Frank contemplating what an old historic city he's visiting.

We settled on this very old hotel called the "Lion"  Honestly, where else did you think former Belfast "Lions" would stay?  The price was right and the interior clean and quaint.

Hotel Weinstube Löwen
Marktplatz 2
88709 Meersburg am Bodensee
Telefon: 0 75 32 / 4 30 40

I asked Mac to take a picture of our hotel room but apparently he became rather taken by the footprints on the bath mat and we didn't get a room picture.  Never fear, he made up for it by taking plenty of the dining room.

Look at the ornate wooden ceilings and carvings.
This is on an old warming oven.  It says, "Drink, love and Smoke till your last breath"

I suppose that advice was given before they knew drinking and smoking in excess were not terribly good for you.

The boys had been on a walk about the village and came back for drinks.  This is me joining them for dinner.

This is not the best picture but probably the best soup I have had in my life.  It was filled with pasta and dumplings in a clear beef broth. Beautifully flavored.

The ever pretty and tasty German salad!

Frank and Mac had the homemade spatzle with pork medallions in a creamy mushroom sauce.

I had the fresh "Catch of the day" from Lake Constance.  I still am not sure what kind of fish it was, but it was lovely.

Frank tried a Pear Scnapps because he had a bad cold.  I am not sure if he thinks it would kill him or cure him at this point! Needless to say, we had an early night because poor Frank was not well.
Tomorrow we say ta-ta to Meersburg and go on to Switzerland!

This hotel and restaurant gets the thumbs up from Mac, as well as thumbs up from Frank and me!
If you are down Meersburg way, give it a try!

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