Wednesday, March 17, 2010

German "Rund Geburtstag" Part three" The Entertainment

Now for the entertainment. German "RUND" birthdays always feature entertainment.  Whether they are skits, dances, music numbers or poems, you can be sure that this will be part of your evening's fun.
This is Christina who went to school with Kaitlyn. She had written a heartfelt poem about her Uncle and shared it with us all. All the entertainment themes this evening were centered around Erhard's loves.  He loves to bicycle in the forest, he loves to cut wood, he loves to sing and he loves a good party.
Gabi had the piano player play their favorite song and she and Erhard danced.

A little skit by a member of Erhard's family.
These are Gabi and Erhard's daughters. Daniella and Katja did a cute song and dance number based on a song written in 1976 called DADDY COOL. The single Daddy Cool was in 1976, the best-selling single in Germany and stayed twelve weeks at the top of the charts. It was by a group called Boney M. It started with Katja saying, "Our Daddy is cool" in English. They dressed in their idea of what people dressed in in the 70's and sang the revamped song. They changed the words to reflect their fathers hobbies. Very cute.
Erhard's 4 girl cousins did a skit and sang to him about getting older and the things he would need in his old age. They made him put on blue long johns and a baby hat. This is his brother handing him a pair of false teeth.
To end the formal entertainment Deitmar and Anita sang Erhart a song.
Now we are on to audience participation.  Yes folks, the Germans really do lock arms and sing. We had a ball singing some old familiar tunes with our friends.
This is our old friend Hedda.  Her nickname is "Quicksilver". Here she is in an armlock with Mac singing a song about the wind in Rheinland Pfalz. The song is called DIE PFALZER WIND.
Lovely party and a lovely time with our old friends.  It certainly deserves a thumbs up. We slept over at Gabi and Erhard's house and tomorrow you get to see what happens after a German birthday party!

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