Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Out and About in Clausen

We stayed with our old neighbors Ruth and Oma.  The stone house is the house we used to live in and the white house next door with the car in front of it is Ruth and Oma's. That's our car in front of our old house.

This was our old driveway.

Part of our old yard. A fence to keep in the renter's dogs is now there....we didn't knowing asking for one was an option back then.

Oma Rosel and Mac
 Oma was very happy to have us there as you can see.

Ruth loves Easter (Ostern in German) Here is her inside Easter tree.

We excused ourselves to go up to Margit and Helmut's house for a quick cup of coffee.
We were thrilled with the surprise of getting to see Melanie their daughter who is pregnant with a baby girl.

I could only manage to get one picture from this camera shy bunch!
We had a lovely visit and then back to Oma's because Christoph was going to cook lunch for us.

This is Christoph cooking us lunch. Christoph went into the army when we were there and became a chef.
Mac will help me turn the picture the right way later.

Ruth decided that it had been so long since Oma had been out.  If anything happened such as a fall, we'd all be there to help Oma. So, we did the very German cake and coffee at a restaurant.  Thankfully, since Oma doesn't walk we weren't forced to do the hour to two hour manditory walk before cake.
Oma and Ruth had the Strawberry with tiny layers of chocolate.

I had the hazelnut cake.

Mac had his favorite Bienenstich cake.

Mac gives our Sunday a thumbs up and says to tell you that we are going to do more exploring in the Black Forest next Saturday.

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