Saturday, June 26, 2010

Young's Lobster Pound, Belfast, Maine

I know what you are thinking...."Mimi, this blog is NOT about Europe."
My only excuse is that when you come from such a beautiful part of the world, you want to share it with your friends. On my recent visit home to help my daughter move into our cottage and say good-bye to our minister Dave Abbott and his family, I popped into one of my all time favorite places,
Young's Lobster Pound.
 This place is special not only for it's food but because one of my friends from high school owns and operates this place with her brother Raymond.

When I arrived Dianne was mixing up a batch of her wonderful potato salad.
She'd just finished making lobster stew and fish chowder. She is a busy lady in the summer with sometimes 16 hour days!
Dianne's great-grandfather had a clam business here orginally. Her grandfather Bud continued to build the business as a lobsterman.  Young's Lobster Pound has been in business for some 80 years now.

At Young's you are greeted by "Captain Seaweed"  and

Raymond's dog, Lacey.
She's the Young's version of a Walmart greeter and really cute to boot.

What makes Young's such a unique place is the fact it is informal and rustic.
No worries here if the kiddies make a mess or the adults either for that matter.
There are lots of options.  Perhaps you are traveling with folks who don't like seafood or are allergic.
Young's allows you to bring in food from other establishments for those people in your party.
They don't serve alcohol, but you may BYOB.

The lobster boats come in during the day but there is no set time. The off load right at the dock. It's always a delightful experience to watch them.

You can pick your own lobster from the 30,000 lb. capacity aquarium.

It's so much fun for children to see the tanks full of the fresh lobster.

Young's employs 20- 25 people and I have always been pleased with their friendliness.
 Many celebrities have eaten here such as John Travolta, Kelley Preston, Jonathon Frakes, Genie Francis and many others.
Genie of the iconic LUKE AND LAURA relationship from General Hospital owns a shop on Route 1 called The Cherished Home.  
No, I don't know Genie personally but I love her shop.
I also recommend Perry's Nut House.  Did you know that Eleanor Roosevelt once shopped there?  Eleanor and I both love the fudge which, is still made on the premises.
 After you visit these shops,  Young's Lobster Pound is a perfect place to enjoy a Lobster Feast or Shore Dinner. Sit back and watch the boats and schooners bobbing up and down on Penobscot Bay as you eat your lunch.
 To end your perfect day in East Belfast, why not top it off with an ice cream from The Barn.  (That was my first summer job, working for Pat Mullen and he's re-opened this yummy place.)
 I recommend the blueberry ice cream!

If it's rainy you can opt to eat upstairs in Young's.

I recommend eating outside by the bay on a summer day!

They also have a picnic area at the top of the hill.

Don't forget the option to buy your lobster and take it home to cook.
The first day I got home from Germany, my brother and I went straight out to Young's to get lobster to take home and cook ourselves. My brother had a "GIANT" of a lobster.
Boy oh boy, were these good!

See how happy my brother was!

Today I ordered a Young's Lobster Roll.
Did you know that Martha Stewart proclaimed on her television program that Young's Lobster Rolls, "Are the best I've ever tasted."
I sat out by the bay to enjoy my delicious roll and NO, dear readers, I did not get a free roll, I only blog on food I pay for myself!

Mac couldn't come with me to give the thumbs up so it's just me and Dianne saying
"Get yourself down to Young's and have a wicked good time with wicked good food!"

Young's Lobster Pound
2 Fairview Street
East Belfast, Maine 04915
Phone 207 338 1160
Join Young's Lobster Pound on Facebook

Remember  you can get your lobsters shipped 7 days a week and Young's also caters to clubs, groups and tours.  If you wish, you may even drive your boat up and dock at the pound. I really quite fancy doing that.....maybe next time!
 Dianne can you loan me a dinghy?


  1. I'm sold, Mimi. I'll have to get down there this summer. Thanks for the tip! And I'm glad you had great weather on your visit back home.


  2. You won't regret it! Stop into Perry's and get some fudge too! If you prefer ice cream Pat Mullen just re-opened THE BARN. That's where I used to work as a teenager. Best homemade ice cream around!