Thursday, June 3, 2010

LE RÊVE and a bit of people watching / Simione, Italy

Simione, Italy on Lake Garda

I have always wanted to take a trip to Lake Garda, Italy's largest lake. The only question was, "Where do we stay?"
After spending days of research on the internet I decided that we'd try Simione.
Simione is the only peninsula on Lake Garda.  It boasts a castle, Roman ruin, ancient churches, hydrotherapy spa and a world renown center for the treatment of rhinogenic deafness.
It is definately a tourist trap, but a tourist trap that James Joyce, Alfred Lord Tennyson and Maria Callas ( opera singer and wife of Aristotle Onassis before Jackie Kennedy ) loved. They say it was home to the rich and famous of the Roman Empire before Christ as well.

View toward Simoine

We arrived in a downpour of rain. Hordes of people stood in a tunnel and pressed themselves flat against the wall as we barely managed to squeeze the car past.

Piazza Carducci

Our Bed and Breakfast was located in the main square of Piazza Carducci.
It wasn't particularly easy to find.

Clever ol' Mac spotted the door sandwiched between two bistros.
I believe it means "The Dream"
Piazza Carducci 26
Sirmione, Italy 25019
Telephone: 030 990 4419
or 339 306 6569

We had the lovely lavender room at the top of the Bed and Breakfast.
Jaxson, our little travel companion, tried out the bed and thought it was quite suitable.
Paola and Anna, a mother, daughter team have just opened this establishment.
It's only been open ten days, and we were some of their first guests.
Between them they speak German, English and Italian.

Brand new bathrooms complete with showers and bidet.

     LE RÊVE would not be suitable for handicapped as it has no elevator and many steps.
The only criticism I could offer, is that it had no T.V., wireless connection, soap for the shower or hair dryer. This in itself is not a problem if you are forewarned.  Bring soap, hairdryer and
 movies for your laptop if you decide to stay here.
The price was 40 Euro per person, which as I stated in yesterday's blog is the norm.
It was exceptionally clean but, a bit a noisy at night as you are on the main square.

The terrace off our bedroom which, is shared with the room next door.
The information on the Bed and Breadfast stated that you could enjoy Lake Garda from the terrace but,

clearly, only if you are very tall.  You can't sit down and see the lake.  Because it was raining, you can barely make out the water with the mountains behind.

Breakfast will be served to you in the bistro to your right as you face the door that says
We thought this might be the perfect place to get refreshments before we started to explore Sirmione.
After all, Mac and I do so enjoy a little people watching!

Sure enough, we spotted this adorable little lady with her equally adorable friend.
Can you see the little face peeking out of her handbag?

So far Mac gives Sirmione a thumbs up for brand-spanking-new accomodations and people watching.
In tomorrow's blog we will explore this very old town.


  1. What fun! My husband and I went to Italy for our 25th anniversary a couple of years ago, including a short trip to Stresa (on one of the lakes). You brought that back to me - beautiful country!

  2. It was a wonderful trip. Italy is so beautiful. Stresa is on Lake Maggiore and on my list of must see places.

  3. I adore the picture of Jackson on the Purple bed!

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