Thursday, June 3, 2010

Austria/On our road trip to Lake Garda

Austria...what can I say?  A beautiful, beautiful country.

From our pension at Lechfall, the sign informed us that we would enter Austria in 700 meters.

We pulled off at a rest stop  near Klause on the 179 just after Reutte, Austria.
I pushed the door ajar to get out of the car when Mac parked.
"Mac, I hear cow bells," I said.
"No, that isn't it," he replied.  Pointing to the hill across the street he smiled and grabbed my camera.
 "Well, I'll be! This is a first for me, those are sheep with bells," I exclaimed.
Mac took a video and if you'd like to see it  go out to Facebook and look for my page
Cultural and Culinary Adventures

Ehrenberg Castle ruins

 At this rest stop we discovered that there were  four castles that once made up the largest fort in Tirol. They were built to defend against the Bavarians and to stop up the important Via Claudia trade route, which cut through the Alps as it connected Italy and Germany.

They say this is worth a visit and hike through the complex of castles. Apparantly these castles were all connected by stone walls many years ago. We would love to come back and do this someday.

Breathtaking scenery on the way to the Fernpass.

The scenery reminded me of the book HEIDI I loved to read when I grew up.

We stopped at the Zugspitzblick  Rest House with "Daily Warm Meals"

We didn't eat but stopped to take this picture.

Mac gives Austrian scenery in the Fernpass the thumbs up.
Tomorrow we blog on Lake Garda, Italy!!

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