Tuesday, June 1, 2010

University town/Tübingen, Germany/ Mauganeschtle Restaurant

Fountain in the city Center

Although we don't live far from Tübingen, Mac and I had not yet had an opportunity to explore it.  As providence would have it, we made arrangements to meet up with our beloved Tzegha in Tübingen last week.  Tzegha lived with us years ago when we first came to Germany.  She immediately became the "big sister" to our other daughters and a third daughter to us.

We were very excited to meet up because Tzegha was bringing her new husband, Gidon, to meet us. It's a romantic story of two Germans working for a peace organization in Bethleham, meeting and falling in love.
I know...I am thinking it too. It's a "fairytale"!
Reminds me of Mac and me, two Americans who fell in love in England many years ago.
You see, single girls......travel is the ticket!

Statue on the Neckar River

 Tübingen is south of Stuttgart at the foot of the Swabian Alb and  located on the Neckar river.  It is an international university town and known for art, culture and events.

The University was founded in 1477 by Count Eberhard in Bart with 300 students registered.
  I bet they were all men back then!
The Park

Tree-lined walk in the Park

Here you can rent boats for a ride on the Neckar.

Reminds me of "punting" in Oxford, England.

The Castle

We agreed to meet Tzegha and Gidon at the restaurant by the Castle.  I always pay attention when German's tell me to try a place.  Two different German couples urged us to try

Burgsteige 18
72070 Tübingen

the Restaurant Mauganeschtle located just below the castle.  This is a specialty restaurant which offers a large variety of "Maultashchen" and other swabian foods.

I will tell you the story of Maultaschen again. They look like ravoli but are much larger. Apparently, when Catholics aren't supposed to eat meat, sometimes the Swabians eat Maultaschen. Since the meat is concealed under the pasta supposedly, God cannot see the meat. Because of this, they have earned the Swabian nickname Herrgottsbscheißerle. That means "Little cheaters on God".  As I have said before,
 I am just sure they all really know God CAN see the meat!
Tzegha has the "Rahmgulasch".
She said it was very nice.

Mac had a speciality with the white asparagus.
It is that time of year here. 
It was also good.

I had the salmon maultaschen because they were out of the trout maultaschen.
It would only have been better if it were trout!

Gidon and Tzegha shared the "Swabian" version of apple strudel.

Mac gives the restaurant thumbs up.
They have English menus if you can't read the German.
We  plan to come back and explore the botanical gardens, the Castle and other sights in this lovely city.

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