Sunday, February 21, 2010

Friday night in Clausen

Even though the skies were grey, it was with the greatest excitement that we drove into the village of Clausen. We lived here from 1996-2000.  The people in this village opened their arms and hearts to our family.

We drove to Margit and Helmut Wilhelm's house. We rented our house in Clausen from this amazing family when we lived there. Margit wasn't there when we arrived but left us a note. The note says, "Heartfelt Welcome in Clausen.  Dear Linda, Dear Christopher, I must go to the dentist but be back 12:30. In the refrigerator is a welcome drink. See you soon. Margit"
This is the sweet little German guest room at Margit and Helmut's house. Our dog Jaxson has made himself very comfortable! Notice how low to the ground German beds are as compared to American.

We then drove over to have cake and coffee with our dear friends Ilse and Hans Letzelter. This is Mac with Ilse.
We had our cake in Hans bedroom.  Very sadly Hans had 2 brain hemorrages and is no longer able to communicate. No one is even sure what he still comprehends. He did like our little dog Jaxson though.
Ilse made this yummy popular German Cake. She remembered it was my favorite.
Here we are at the Japanese Restaurant in Zweibrucken. There's Ilse and me. Ilse and Hans have three daughters. Else's oldest daughter Simone is across from Ilse with her son Noah, husband Torsten in the blue.  Their daughter Lea is in the white behind her Dad.  At the end of the table are Simone's sisters Sabrina and Katrin.  These girls are very special to us because our daughters were in school with them and became good friends. What a nice family they are!
Sabrina and Katrin
Michael (pronouced in Germany Me-shy-elle) Katrin's boyfriend and in the glasses Sabrina's hilarious husband Danny.
I had the sushi.
Mac decided to try everything! How does he stay so thin?
Mac was too busy clowning with the boys to give this food a thumbs up or down. Which one was the serious one of the "three stooges?"
It was a wonderful Friday night with our beloved family Letzelter.
Tomorrow I'll tell you about Saturday.

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