Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ambiente Africa / African Restaurant Stuttgart

Mac put me in charge of our 20th anniversary meal this year. He fully expected me to choose one of my favorite restaurants. He was most surprised when I dragged him into Ambiente Africa in Stuttgart.

Mac had been saying we hadn't had any adventures recently and I knew that he missed
traveling in Africa when he was working for Cisco.
So this seemed a way to honor our marriage vows of 20 years and
give Mac the adventure he'd been missing.  Mac said, "Even after 20 years you keep surprising me!"
I take that as a compliment.
This unique little gem can be found right in the city center and offers up some unusual
culinary delights such as gazelle, crocodile and antelope.
Yes, this is sand on the floor! Nice touch to make it feel authentic.
Mac confidently ordered an appetizer called Katena Ingera or Ethopian Flat bread
which he said he had often in Ethopia. (Breakfast, lunch and dinner)
I chose the Antilopenrohschinken mit Kitcha.
This was a smoked antelope. The kitcha was a spiced unleven bread.
We both enjoyed the appetizers.
For our main course Mac decided on the Springbock or grilled antelope
with couscous. Mac and I thought it tasted a bit like buffalo.
Being wild and adventurous I decided to risk it all and try the
crocodile. The first bite tasted like chicken but it left a very fishy after taste.
Would I have it again?  Probably not, but I am happy to have tried it.
I think I'll get the lamb next time I go.
For dessert we decided on the fruit yogart which was lovely, light and refreshing on a hot
night in Stuttgart.

I normally don't show you the bathrooms, but these were quite
remarkable. An unexpected surprise.

It was so pretty, I could have spent a long time in there.

Our bill was delivered in a sweet little African basket.

We took one last look around at this fun little restaurant and decided to meander
back to our car.

Our attention was drawn to some jazzy music done by some very young people.
We stopped to have a drink and enjoy people watching.  We loved the older man
who was having a ball.  His wife joined him later.
We so love to people watch.
Happy Anniversary, my love!  It was so much fun
and I HOPE you feel like we had another
amazing adventure together on
our journey through


  1. What an adventure! Are those flowers in the bathroom sink? I assume that's a sink since there appears to be a faucet, but how do you turn it on? Having never been out of the country, I am sure that I would find foreign bathrooms a mystery - ha ha ha! Nice article Linda!

    1. Yes, those are real flowers in the bathroom sink and it was a functional sink. Press a button and on comes the water.