Monday, August 1, 2011

The Camel Farm/ Kamelhof, Rotfelden, Germany

Years ago when Mac and I got married he promised me that my life would never be boring.
Following him around the world, I can tell you that is indeed true!
Mac asked me what I wanted to do this weekend and I told him I wanted to take a long walk somewhere new and interesting.
He found something REALLY interesting!
Kamelhof only 15 minutes from our house.

We drove to Rotfelden to Kamelhof.

"Are you sure?" I asked Mac, "I mean, you do know what happened the last time I was around a camel?"
"I am sure that your bad experience was just a one off," he assured me.
On a family holiday/vacation to Lanzarote we had taken a camel ride into the volcanic hills.
Our daughter and friend were on a camel tethered to Mac and my camel just in front of us.
For some reason, the camel decided to back up so that it's bottom was resting on my foot.  It then let go of some of the warmest, foulest smelling pee all over my foot and leg.
I smelled so bad no one wanted to be around me until we could get back home to stick me in the shower.
"You know, I bet one will spit on me this time!" I said.
"Now Mimi, you know that camels don't actually spit...they are like cows and chew actually they regurgitate and throw that up on you, but I am sure that won't happen," he assured me.
I rolled my eyes, "Okay, if you are sure."

Upon arrival, one look at this little guy who was very interested in being petted by me
and I fell in love. That's my grandson Jonah feeding the baby camel his bottle.

Kamelhof was interesting from the start.  From the architecture of the barns

to the PVC shaped flowered camel at the entrance I was hooked.

We walked in and paid our entrance fee.  The "petting barn" was huge.
The windowed area is a dining area where you can view the camels while you eat.
They also have picnic tables if you want to bring your lunch.
Upon entrance, we attended a short film that gave us lots of information on camels.
It was only in German so English speakers are out of luck.

We learned that these two humped camels are called
Bactrian Camels.  They inhabit the Gobi Desert in
in China and southern Mongolia.

These one-humped camels are Arabian Camels. They are native to North Africa and the Middle East.
We learned that camels are actually very friendly animals.

Camels feet are very wide so they can walk on the sand.
Feet can be as large as a dinner plate.

Camels have the ability to shut their nostrils so that when if they are eating catus so the inside of their noses don't get hurt by the spikes.  They stand with their back to the wind in a sand storm so the wind blows over and around them. 
They also have a unique feature of a third eyelid!

This eyelid will move from side to side and wipe the sand out of the eye. It moves like our windshield (windscreen for you Brits) wipers. The lid is also so thin that the camel can close it and see through it in the middle of a sandstorm.

Kamelhof especially caters to children. From this photo op
that Jonah and I took advantage of to

to hay bales for children to play on

or explore inside the hay tunnels.

A Bedouin play area upstairs in one of the barns
is fun for the kids.

My grandson thought this was a great place to stop and take a rest.

You can even take a camel ride.  Jonah and his Daddy really enjoyed their ride.

Children loved this.

Then it was back to the "petting barn" for us where Jonah brushed a camel.
Mac brushed a camel,

while I made friends with these camels.  The brown one seemed to really like me.
I count it a triumph not to get peed on or spit at today.

These camels were interested in the camera.

This baby camel nibbled away at my son-in-laws jeans.

Jonah gave one last pat to the baby camel and we decided it was time to head home from
our fun day.

Their sign says (loosely translated) , "Goodbye until next time.  Good journey home.
We thank you for your visit.  If you enjoyed your visit, come see us again."

You know, I think I will....they even said that they have a camel club....
hmmm...wonder if you have to own a camel to join? 
Mac.....will you buy me a camel?
Pretty please!?