Monday, September 26, 2011

Dinosaur Park/Garden Show Kaiserslautern, Germany

A funny thing happened on our way to the
Japanese Garden in Kaiserslautern, we ended up at the
(Garden Show in English)
in the
Neumühle Park.

This park is fabulous.  You simply must go if you live in Germany.

Neumühle Park is home
to the largest open air dinosaur exhibition in Europe.

More than 80 life-like dinosaur replicas populate
this park.

The Garden show was featuring fairytales made from pumpkins in this enchanting park.
A babbling brook runs through the park and there are amazing play grounds
for the kiddies.

Here's the Pied Piper of Hamlin.

Just look at the little pumpkin rats following the piper.

Cinderella and coach.

I think this is Bel and the Dragon.

Click to enlarge this picture.
You'd think you were in Jurrasic Park.

What a fantastic "family" day out.
There is something for everyone here.
From the pumpkin sculptures and flowers to

the incredible dinosaur exhibits.

Many people had brought picnic's and made a real day out of it.
I was disappointed that they didn't have food on sale when we went, although
there were booths, they were closed.
If you climb to the top of the park
you get a view over Kaiserslautern.

You will also find a place to eat here
and you will  discover the
peaceful and lovely
Willow Chapel.

Mac says this day out deserves
his "two" thumbs up.
Let me just find him, and take a picture in front of one of the pumpkin
sculptures for you.

Ah-oh. MAC!!!
 Gotta go folks, but go to
and check out their information. 
The site is in English and German.
 This show will be on until the 31st of October so you still have
 plenty of time to visit!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

THE PUMPKIN FESTIVAL, Ludwigsburg, Germany

Mac and I really love when we find something that captures
our imaginations. 
This Pumpkin Festival at the
Blühende Barock Garden,

(Castle Garden of Ludwigsburg Castle)
not only captured our fancy but completely charmed us.
(Remember if you'd like a better view of a picture, you may click on the photo to enlarge it.)

The theme for the 12th annual pumpkin festival was

Dinosaurs made out of pumpkins and squash
were everywhere.

We marveled at the imaginations
that could create such creatures.

Many of the dinosaur heads were hand carved from wood.

There festival has something for everyone in your family.

From the beautiful garden


to pumpkin carving tents for the kiddies, there is truly
something for everyone.

There are fabulous playgrounds for the kids

as well as a cartoon theater.  They were showing the FROG PRINCE
in German when we went in. It was still easy to follow even if you don't speak

The Fairytale area (follow the signs for
Märchengarten) has a boat ride,

and train ride.

A pretty walk  leads you from fairytale to fairytale.
Here is little RED RIDING HOOD

and the wolf!
An American Mom was having her children
"guess" the fairytales as they were
listed in German.

Rapunzel's castle, where if your children call out loudly enough
she'll let down her hair.

Now let's talk FOOD.
Here is the fabulous pumpkin risotto.

Mac had the pumpkin soup with pumpkin maultaschen.
(a large ravoli)
He said it tasted "amazing".

I had the pumpkin spaghetti which, was
incredible.  Very tasty!

We shared a "Pumpkin strudel".
Mac especially enjoyed that.

Funk Kartell
a German Soul group
entertained us.

As we strolled back through the gardens on our way home

we thought these smaller pumpkin carvings so cute

Mac loved the mice and pumpkin cheese.

while I kinda liked this little guy.

Remember this fest runs through November 6th
so you still have a chance to visit it too.
Set your GPS
for Mompelgardstrasse 28
Tickets cost
8 Euro for adults
3.90 Euro for children 15 and under.
Mac gives this Fest
3 thumbs up and he can't wait to see
what the "theme" will be next year!

Friday, September 16, 2011

The ZUGSPITZE (Highest Mountain in Germany)

Our destination today is
the Zugspitze, Germany's highest mountain.
It towers to a breathtaking  2,962 m and is located in the Wetterstein range, in the Northern Limestone Alps. The border between Austria  and Germany  runs between the western and the eastern peaks.

Many people do hike up the mountain but Mac and I decided to be sensible and
take the Tiroler Zugspitzbahn cable car from
Ehrwald, Tirol.

We crowded on to the car and held tight.

For people who do not enjoy heights, I wouldn't recommend this trip for you.

Reaching our destination at the top we were rewarded with

some fabulous

and amazing birds-eye views.

We stopped in to the Müncher Haus

run by the Barth family since 1925.

Mac and I had the Germknödel and coffee.
We simply adore this yeast dough dumpling filled with spicy plum jam and served in a bed of vanilla sauce.
It's topped with crushed poppyseeds and sugar.

This sweet little bird joined us for our treat hoping for any little crumb.

We bought some postcards for our children and posted them from
the highest postbox in Germany!

We watched these brave hikers who decided to go to the highest point on the mountain
(Click on the picture to get a better view)

marked by this golden cross.

Usually Mac decides if the trip was a thumb's up or down
but, this time I just had to get in on the act.
If you are visiting or live here in Germany
this is a MUST SEE.