Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weekend in Switzerland (Part two- Cathedral of Bern)

The Cathedral of Bern, Switzerland.
This is the largest Gothic building in Switzerland.
The foundation stone was laid in 1421 and constructed like a basilica.
The exsistence of a church in Berne was first documented in 1224.  It probably would have been a wooden structure.

Just above the main portal of the church is an amazing depiction of the Last Judgment. They say it  contains more than 200 carved wood and stone figures. Apparently the survival of  late-Gothic sculpture like these are rare. 

The windows in the church were amazing.

The main church area.

Many of the benches were adorned with cherubs.

Mac and Rich took the long hike up the tower to take pictures and I will post some of Mac's pictures here later.
Do go and have a look at this if you are in Bern.. We don't have anything this old in America and it's a shame not to see this architecture.

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