Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weekend in Switerland (Part 4 THE GURTEN)

As I said previously, The Gurten lies 332 m above Bern, Switzerland and accessed only by the funicular railway.

Of special note to those of you traveling with children, I have NEVER seen such an amazing playground.
They had little go-carts.

A mini railroad and water play area.

Chess anyone?

This part housed mechanical apparatuses with rolling balls. The children had great fun running around looking at how it all worked, not to mention tree houses and many other fun things.

For the older "kids" , how about a little surfing?

Because the temperature was at 72 F.  people came out from all over to sit on blankets, play guitars, commune with nature and revel in the SUNSHINE!
There are barbarcue pits here as well as a place to make a wood fire.

We were just awe inspired by the view.

Words can't describe it!

Just breath-taking.

The video quality isn' t that great but will give you an idea.
Thank you Rich and Terry for introducing us to such a lovely place!

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