Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weekend in Switzerland (Part Three Eating on top of the Gurten)

No cars are permitted on Bern’s local mountain the "Gurten". We took the  funicular railway up after our visit to the Cathedral.
  The Gurten lies 332 m above Bern, has the most fantastic panoramic view:  On one side you'll see the city of Bern. From the other side you discover a plateau with charming villages and vistas and Swiss Alps with peaks rising over 4000 m rise into the backround.

Our first stop was for lunch at "Rauf aus der Stadt."

You can also stay overnight at this restaurant/hotel.

We seated ourselves outside with a view of Bern while we perused the menu.
It is my favorite time of year.  SPARGEL season or for us English speakers

Terry and Rich shared the lovely Cream of Asparagus soup.

I had the green and white asparagus salad with raspberry vinigrette for a starter.

Mac had noodles, geschnitzel over asparagus.

Rich had the noodle asparagus dish.

I had a most unusual concoction of green and white asparagus with a slice of ham rolled around them.  This was then covered with a thin "dough" of sorts and deep-fried.
It tasted amazing.

Cousin Terry had the green and white asparagus with new pototos.

We agreed this all was DELISH.  Refreshed we set out to explore
The Gurten.

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