Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weekend in Bern Switzerland (Part One- The Open Air Market)

We were so excited to go back to Bern and spend the weekend with my Cousin Terry. When you live in Europe it's wonderful to have family three hours away.
Terry, Rich, Mac and myself lived near each other in Germany
nearly 15 years ago and we were delighted to find that we are back in the same neck of the woods.

We arrived Friday evening and got up Saturday morning and hopped a "tram"  for the city center and open air market.

I LOVE open air markets.  The smells, the unexpected sights and sounds are always a feast for your senses.

Yes, those are bunnies hanging out to be bought!

I stopped and bought a wonderful "eggplant" (aubergine for you Brits) conconction from Tunsia.

Flower venders.

Sheep skins on offer.

Varieties of nuts  (Say, Cousin Terry.....we have a large variety of nuts in our family too, don't we?  Just sayin'.)

Dried smoked meats....Terry accidentally tried some Buffalo....she wasn't impressed.

Next we moved on to the "Hand made" items market.
Look at these cute little Chicken pocketbooks.
I almost bought you one Aunt Ruthie!

Hand-made clocks.

Hand smocked dresses.

No end to the lovely stuff to be found here.
Next up, we decided to go into the Gothic Church, the Cathedral of Bern.

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