Monday, December 19, 2011

Clausen Christmas Market/Wald Weihnachts Market

There's nothing like going home to a place where everyone "knows your name".
From 1996 to 2000 we lived in the little village of Clausen.  This village located in the Rhineland Palatinate Forest had a population then of about 1,200.  Once we joined the choir in this village and started to learn German these wonderful people took us to their hearts and simply
LOVED us.  How blessed we were to live amongst these people!

We heard that the Clausen Christmas Market was to be on the 18th of December.
Most of you know that the huge Christmas Markets like Stuttgart and  Nürnberg
run for weeks at a time, but the little village Christmas Markets will fun for a weekend or even just one day on the weekend.  With an open fire blazing cheerfully in a little clearing in the forest, Mac and I were eager to greet old friends.

As if on cue by the angels, a light snow began to fall as I got a picture with some dear old friends.

Our friends Karen and Thomas have started a business.  They make honey, beeswax candles, homeopathic bee liquid drops to add to tea when you are sick.

They have gotten silver and gold medallions for excellence in their new endeavour.

Here's dear Dietmar clowning around while he cooks the Bratwurst at the Choir Stall.

The water on the camera lens from the snow lends a nice effect don't you think?
The Choir booth was selling bratwurst, calendars and MISTLETOE!

Mac had a bratwurst and Gluhwein (hot mulled wine)
and bought me the mistletoe.

 I feasted on Hoorische (Pfälzer Kartoffelklöße)
Hoorische is a local speciality and the best way to describe it is
a light potato dumpling.  It's covered with a white sauce flavored with bacon and onions.

The "sweet ladies" in the candy booth!

A variety of items on sale from wooden stars to Christmas earrings.

What a wonderful day we spent with our amazing friends at the Forest
Christmas Market in Clausen!

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  1. I hope this isn't to forward but I'd love to hear from you! My husband and I moved to Clausen last July. I've loved our six months here do far! Clausen is a lovely little town. We must have been at the Christmas Market at the same time! It was so magical having Eggnog in the falling snow listening to the choir do carols! I'm originally from England, it's a delight being close to home after living in Japan for 3 years. My email is, look forward in hearing from you. I've just read you're entire blog, eagerly reading all the Clausen posts in particular!
    Love the blog, Jennifer