Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Eve/ Markusturm, Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Romantic Hotel Markusturm
This old custom house owned and operated by
the Family Berger dates back to 1264.
You will find this located on Rödergasse 1
91541 Rothenburg ob der tauber.
Mac and I had heard that the Hotel Markusturm was hosting a
Christmas Eve Dinner with music and gourmet food. We'd also heard that
the dinners here are not to missed.

We assembled to wait to be placed at our tables while the hostess
served champagne to the guests.

Mac and I seated at our table.

Great pains were taken to make this meal very special by the hotel,even down to the presentation of the napkins.

We were told that we'd be seated with other English speaking guests, but we had no idea that
our table would turn out to be THE PLACE TO BE.  It was an international mix of good humor, good fun and some lovely new friends.
From the left, Eslan from the Lake District in England, and Patrick and Debbie
from Canada.

Of course, from the left is me and Mac, but this other gentleman is Eslan's husband
David, who was great fun.

As you can see, the room was filled, but what you can't see is there is
a room behind this one filled to the brim with folks as well.

The food was incredible.  We started with a Venison terrine with a Cumberland sauce.

Next up, the most exquisite soup. We all agreed it was amazing.
They called it Tomato Consomme with Ravioli.

Next a Dorade fish fillet grilled and served  with saffron sauce, creamed spinach
and rice.

Our main meal was Roasted Duck Breast served on a bed of red
cabbage with potato dumplings.

For dessert Gingerbread parfait with marinated plums.
OH MY, was this an amazing meal.

While Mac and I walked back to our hotel, we talked of how our fears of a very lonely Christmas were not realized. We made some new friends and shared a lovely meal together.
We were filled with love and gratitude that no matter where we are
God was smiling down on us.  Although we missed the children and the grandbabies
this was a very special Christmas!

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