Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wimsener Höhle/ Wimsen Cave and Gasthof Friedrichshöhle

Mac and I had heard about a cave in Germany's Swabian Alb region.
This cave is the only cave in Germany that is visited by boat.
That sounded like a great adventure and we couldn't wait to
see what it was all about.
We drove to 72534 Hayingen-Wimsen on the GPS and parked by the
lovely little Wimsen Waterfall.

We couldn't believe our eyes at how clear the water was here.  Can you see the trout the kids are looking at?

We were very hungry and decided to eat at the Gasthof zur Friedrichshöhle
located  there by the cave.

We wanted to sit outside because it was such a beautiful day but, the waitress informed us all the tables were reserved.  However; there was plenty of room inside she said.

They showed us to  a lovely little table in the corner.
It was quaint and charming inside.

All the food here is organic and we thought it tasted excellent.
I had the home-made Spätzle with the wurst.
Underneath was the most incredible lentil dish
flavored with balsamic vinegar.

Mac had the Maultaschen with Grandma Josephine's potato salad.
He was supposed to have had some onion in a Juniper Berry sauce to go over the Maultaschen, but
since he's not exceptionally fond of onions, he opted not to have the sauce.

If you want more info on their organic food and restaurant here is the link for you.

Now that we were no longer starved, we headed over to explore the cave.
Our guide explained that the cave is not really called Wimsener Cave. It's actually name is
the Friedrichshöhle. (Fredrick's Cave) to honor Friedrich I. von Württemberg, who visited the cave in 1803 before he became King of Württemberg.
They do have a guide in English you may read before you get on the boat,
you have only to ask at the kiosk.

The entrance to the cave.

Our guide pointing out the formations and giving us the history of the cave.
You can only explore 70 meters of the cave and the rest is only accessable by
divers. The guide was speaking in heavy dialect but as far as I understand, twice a year
divers used to be permitted.  I am not sure if this is the case any longer.

We really enjoyed our visit to Wimsener Höhle and Gasthofs Friedrichshöhle. 
This is a definate, "Go and see."

Mac was excited when he found there are 3 more caves in the vicinity.
He says to tell you, "I'm going back to see the other ones!"

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